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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Last Chance

Another attempt at 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, after a long absence from this blogging mallarkey.

This week’s challenge is 100 words, plus the phrase “as midnight struck…”

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It was New Year’s Eve.

I’d missed you so much in the weeks since we’d had our last bitter argument. Every day, a deep dark chasm of loneliness had threatened to engulf me.

Reliving those last minutes with you, I realised that I’d overreacted and decided to give us one last chance.

I sent you a message “Meet me at 12, by the pier…let’s put the petty arguments behind us”

I arrived early, wrapped warmly against the frosty night, and waited.

As midnight struck, my heart pounded with anticipation.

But this was a night of endings.

I walked silently into 2013 without you.