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Continuing Ventahl’s “Change of Season”

Another challenge, to continue the stories that other people have written, with another 50 words

click here to see Ventahl’s page

Part 1:

The Royal Glade of Faerie basked in azure warmth. All around spoke of languid dreams and indolent days. Alyssa stood, poised, wings resplendent, her lyre, a thing of beauty. She began to play, a sharp and haunting lilt that frosted leaves and misted breath. And, in that cherished moment, summer fled.

My version of part 2:

A hollow silence replaced the waterfall’s rhythmic drumming as an undulant ice sculpture formed, resting on the glassy surface of the enchanted pool.
Cobwebs, resplendent in mantles of icy crystals, cast a myriad of rainbows across the Glade.
Alyssa smiled as snow began to freckle the forest floor.
“Welcome, winter”


About gillsrandomramblings

Working in education as a Child and Family Wellbeing Manager where I hope to make a small difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Mum to 3 wonderful grown up children, provider of food and shelter to 2 ungrateful cats. New to blogging and not sure I'll write anything of interest, but here goes anyway....:o)

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  1. Gill – this is beautiful, and the style matches so well you would never guess parts one and two were written by different people.

  2. Thank you, i’m glad you approve! I loved the style and content of your piece.

  3. I love the very end – “welcome winter” The seasons do have characters I think and should be honoured as such.

  4. Oooo! I’m in fairy land and what a wondrous place it is. This is so delicate and beautiful and I wish I was a little girl again!! Being born in January, I like winter too!

  5. what a lovely ending. have had a few days of family time…now gonna see what I can do with some of these… O)

  6. A beautiful piece of creative writing that fits seamlessly with part one.


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