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I’m in the paper?

This morning at a union stewards’ meeting a bloke I only know from there told me he’d seen me in the Examiner yesterday. “Me?” I asked “what was I doing in the Examiner?” He said my photo was there, and I’d been receiving an award.

Having no memory of any award, or of having met an Examiner photographer recently I convinced him that I must have a doppelganger somewhere in Huddersfield, though wondered vaguely if perhaps I’d won something I didn’t even know about and a random photo had been sent in.

When I arrived at school and wandered into the staff room, a teacher said “Saw you in the paper last night!”

Oh dear, that other woman must really look like me if she’s convincing my colleagues too.

Luckily, one of my team had the foresight to clip the offending article and had brought it in to show me. Sure enough there I was…me…not a lookalike at all. I’d been presented with a Quality Assurance Mark for parenting support…over a month ago. I vaguely remember that there was indeed a photographer present. I thought that was just some corporate thing and since the award had actually been earned a year ago, it wasn’t exactly fresh in my mind.

Now, if I could only remember the name of the union bloke I was speaking to this morning, I’d apologise.


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Working in education as a Child and Family Wellbeing Manager where I hope to make a small difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Mum to 3 wonderful grown up children, provider of food and shelter to 2 ungrateful cats. New to blogging and not sure I'll write anything of interest, but here goes anyway....:o)

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