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a foggy day

So, today was a day when “fibro fog” took over the buzzing, restless workaholic people are used to seeing at school.

It’s not an easy thing to explain, this fibromyalgia, and 14 years after it first took hold I don’t really tend to focus on it much.

It’s just the way things are and I know that occasionally, but only occasionally, I may need to make adjustments to the way I go about my daily doings because the fibro demons take over and render me weary, sore and unable to focus on anything of importance.

It’s only on a day like today that I’m reminded that I should be more empathetic with fellow sufferers. Usually, because I’m blessed with high adrenalin levels (a weird anomaly, since another of my listed diagnoses is chronic fatigue syndrome), caused apparently by an adrenalin drip feed where a body has manifested chronic pain, I can be impatient when others allow themselves to be laid low by fibro. Today I wanted to hug them all and tell them I’ve just had a timely reminder of how that can feel.

Tomorrow is another day..and I hope the sun will be shining


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Working in education as a Child and Family Wellbeing Manager where I hope to make a small difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Mum to 3 wonderful grown up children, provider of food and shelter to 2 ungrateful cats. New to blogging and not sure I'll write anything of interest, but here goes anyway....:o)

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