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100 word challenge A-Z

Attempting to Be Clever whilst Deciding to have an Experimental First Go at the 100 word challenge. Having a slightly obsessive nature anyway, It’s Just a case of Keeping the Letters in My sights and a Need to Order them alphabetically. Perhaps this won’t work. It was not Quite the Rationale I Set out To Use in the challenge. I’d hoped it would be an opportunity to Voice opinions in a limited number of Words and to eXplore (cheat!) some long held, rarely used creative Yearnings to join the blogging community, instead here I am, rambling, with Zero literary expertise.

Inspired by Julia’s place 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups


About gillsrandomramblings

Working in education as a Child and Family Wellbeing Manager where I hope to make a small difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Mum to 3 wonderful grown up children, provider of food and shelter to 2 ungrateful cats. New to blogging and not sure I'll write anything of interest, but here goes anyway....:o)

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  1. This was fun! Glad to see you here having your first go and look forward to reading your future pieces. You’ll get plenty of chance to voice opinions and express creativity over the weeks.

  2. This flowed really well and to sum up your intentions alphabetically was really clever. Looking forward to reading your entries each week.

  3. Hello 🙂 I enjoyed reading this and liked the way you used, but weren’t constrained by, the prompt. This week’s entries are incredibly varied and have made great reading. Look forward to reading your next entries 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your generous comments 🙂

  5. Brilliant Gill! Really, really clever & a second one! I feel very bad a t not rising to the challenge myself this week but with two day out & 155 entries on the 100WC I ran out of time.

    You didn’t link your post again!! 😉

  6. And an excellent first entry into the 100 words challenge. Welcome!

  7. I absolutely love this! It’s very clear, humorous, and I bet quite a bit harder to do than it looked. Good for you on your first try.

  8. This was really difficult to do…you managed to create flow! Good job, Robin

  9. I love this – both the idea and the execution!


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